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The globalization of manufacturing and services, the expansion of financial markets, and the Internet’s revolutionary impact on business-customer communication all present extraordinary business owners with new challenges and opportunities. Today, success requires in-depth knowledge and extensive first-hand experience in order to contend with modern business strategies.


Friedlander Advisory Services is a business advisory firm that combines unique capabilities with a demonstrated record of cultivating growth and success in a rapidly evolving market place. By offering a wide range of services and area expertise tailored to meet individual client needs and to recognize and capitalize on emerging business opportunities, Friedlander Advisory Services provides a multitude of opportunities for your company to improve its profits and streamline its processes. Sound corporate and financial decisions require a realistic appraisal of the business environment, and practical experience to create alternative solutions.

Friedlander Advisory Services can help businesses succeed by identifying potential avenues for acquiring clients and alternative paths to exploiting your core competencies. We apply the highest levels of transparency and accountability to our work, so you know who to trust.

Our services include:

  • Strategy assessment and planning
  • E-Business solutions
  • Critical evaluation
  • Identifying and evaluating effective and ineffective processes
  • Helping implement strategies to make efficient, streamline processes
  • Providing deliberate, comprehensive advice for channel leverage and channel enhancement
  • Providing training and assistance with QuickBooks
  • Working with seasoned professionals with more than thirty years of business experience and fifteen years of consulting and advising many business, small and large, local and international
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